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Champions Committed to KIDS was formed with one purpose. That purpose was to take children who are fighting chronic illnesses and/or disabilities and give them the opportunity to feel what its like to be part of an athletic team. To know what it means to be a teammate, to have a feeling of fellowship and a chance to build lifelong friendships.

As part of our program we interview the child and the family and find out all of the details concerning them and what sport and school the child and family likes. We then meet with the team and the coaches and give them the background of the child and let them know what is expected of them. We then introduce the child and family to the team and that is where the coach will present the child with a shirt and some gifts and ask them to become a part of their team. We require that the athletes rotate 2 players a week who will visit with the child outside of the games and practice. The child gets to go to as many practices as they can and they sit with the team on the bench during home games. At the first home game that child is publicly recognized as the official newest member of the team.

We’ve had numerous stories done about our organization and how this has been such an impact on the children, their families, the athletes and coaches, the parents of the athletes, the schools, the hospitals and on our community. This program works. Here is one great testimonial!


A New Kind

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